First place at CAPSIM for Executive MBA@UW students!


A team of Executive MBA program students at the University of Warsaw wins first place at the international CAPSIM Challenge!


A double team of Executive MBA @ UW students - Kamil Bubiński and Maciej Milcarz - won the spring edition of the international strategic game CAPSIM Challenge 2020! Kamil and Maciej beat 73 teams of the best universities in the world, including, King’s College in New York, Florida International University, Indian Institute of Management, Villanova University, University of Texas at Arlington, and Iowa State University.

The strategic simulation game CAPSIM is one of the most popular strategy games at American and European business schools. Every year students from such universities as The University of Texas at Austin, University of Pennsylvania and New York University participate in it. The game summarizes months of studying managing skills, as the winners emphasize, "its basic dependencies are clear and understandable, but the exact game mechanics are a kind of blackbox that forces players to find a balance between the results of quantitative and qualitative analysis. It also depends a lot on predicting your competitors' moves - this is the hardest part of the game. You have to be a few steps ahead all the time because competing teams can be very creative. "

What was the winning strategy? The first point - solid preparation and agreeing on the stratergy at the end: "Our goal was to implement the adopted strategy and force opponents to adapt to us. The strategy itself was not complicated - we allowed our products to move naturally and mature within the changing expectations of our customers. We also took advantage of the fact that the competition focused on a more profitable and at the same time on a much smaller market segment, leaving space to operate in a larger segment. We verified our strategy a bit so as to take the leading position in the so-called Low-Tech segment. And besides? We let our oponents fight with each other. "

As they admit, despite many hours of preparation, the game brought a few surprises and they did not avoid several serious mistakes. That is why it was very important to react quickly to the changing situation, find the reasons of mistakes, draw conclusions from them and update the strategy on a regular basis: "Without quick adaptation to market realities, blindly following the initially set plan, we would certainly not achieve final success" - in accordance state.

Both winners recommend participating in the CAPSIM game to all who need to make key decisions in companies. The game allows you to understand the many relationships between individual business areas, often the conflicting interests of individual departments. While deciding on marketing, sales, production and finance, you can practice holistic company analysis.

Dr Aleksandra Wąsowska, lecturer of the Executive MBA @ UW program and dr Tomasz Ludwicki, who is the director of the Executive MBA program at the University of Warsaw and a lecturer of strategic management prepared the winning team to participate in the game. "CAPSIM is one of the best strategic simulations used by the best universities in the world. Thanks to the simulation, students can see the effects of their decisions and react to competition. The game is demanding, because it is necessary to combine strategic and operational skills. Our MBA students have beaten competitors from leading universities, who often play the game repeatedly to achieve success. Therefore, the success of our team, which played for the first time and won, should be more appreciated, "says Dr. Tomasz Ludwicki.

Now Maciej and Kamil are waiting for the defense of the consulting project finishing their studies and a pleasant moment of receiving the MBA diploma. Why did they choose the Executive MBA program at the University of Warsaw? First of all, thanks to its first position on the list of the best MBA programs in Poland, international accreditation AMBA and EQUIS, convenient weekend calendar and the rich program.

Maciej Milcarz - student of the 26th edition of the Executive MBA @ UW program, Actuarial Manager in the Aviva Service and Expertise Center department at Aviva in Warsaw, responsible for managing BAU (business as usual) teams as well as actuarial teams dealing with validation of actuarial models, valuation insurance products, as well as reporting the Solvency Capital Requirement for Aviva Group business units in Italy, France, UK and Asia.


Kamil Bubiński - student of the 26th edition of the Executive MBA @ UW program, IT Projekt Manager at SoftServe,a former programmer responsible for running IT projects and building effective teams in the field of software development.




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