Meeting with prof. Zbigniew Lewicki

On February 12, 2013, another meeting of the WIEMBA Alumni Association took place. Prof. Zbigniew Lewicki, a specialist in American Studies, lecturer at the University of Warsaw and UKSW, expert in American culture and politics, author of „History of the American Civilization” made its guest speaker.

Prof. Lewicki briefly presented the most important events which have shaped the Unites States of America from 1607 till today. He pointed out on three pillars of American democracy:  self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship, cult of education, and documenting the history and regulations in writing.

During his presentation, prof. Lewicki addressed a new movie titled “Lincoln”, reasons for the Republicans’ defeat in the last presidential elections,  a “good day Noble Prize” for President Obama, and a well known “Obama care”. The discussion on diminishing role and power of America, as well as implosive weakness of the Empire were truly engaging. Our guest speaker also shared his reflection on  a role of English language which right from the beginning had integrated all the immigrants and had made a indispensable condition for living in a newly built society. Today, were there is no longer such an imperative present, there are districts, cities and states in America where it is easier to communicate in Spanish. Questions on a global role of China and Russia, as well locally-oriented perspectives for development of the Polish-American relations were also discussed.

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