Admissions requirements and procedures

Students admitted to the EMBA program must fulfill all the admissions requirements for postgraduate study at Warsaw University. Fulfillment of these requirements ensures the continuing quality and success of the EMBA program.

Admissions requirements:

The following is required of prospective students:

  • A four-year U.S. equivalent degree (Polish or other)
    Applicants must submit proof of a Masters Degree or it’s equivalent (this includes Medical and Law Degrees; for applicants with US degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree is sufficient).
  • An average grade point average (GPA) of at least 4.0 on a 5.0 scale for the last two years of previous university study
    Applicants must submit either a certified copy of their transcript from the last two years of university study, or a transcript of grades for the last two years of university study and photo copies of the relevant index book pages.
  • A minimum 3 years professional experience, which includes meaningful management responsibilities.
    Applicants must submit a narrative of their work experience
  • A minimum of two letters of reference from current and/or former employers/supervisors.
    All letters are confidential and will not be released to the applicant.
  • A working knowledge of English (written and spoken).
    Proficiency in English (for non-native English speakers or those without a degree from a US institution) must be demonstrated either by submission of the TOEFL score (not required), a satisfactory grade on our admissions examination, or other proof of English proficiency.
  • Satisfactory completion of an entrance examination on mathematics (basic calculus level), logical reasoning, and problem solving.
    Applicants can choose from one of two dates to take the written examination.
  • Personal Interview (in English) Students are interveiwed by faculty and administrators from both Illinois and Warsaw, and past graduates of the EMBA program.  Applicants must be available for interviews. We will accommodate schedules as much as we can. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about each applicant in terms of experiences, motivation, and aptitude relevant to graduate study. In addition, the applicant’s ability to converse at an acceptable level in English will be evaluated.

Problem sovling test - example [PDF] (12 kb)

English test - example [PDF] (8 kb)

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