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The development of the MBA market has led to the emergence of a new category of clients: graduates who would like to develop further. One of the answers was a DBA study, a practical doctorate that did not repeat the success of the MBA studies and is practically absent on the European market. Graduates needed more practical knowledge, and usually did not have the time to engage in laborious research projects. That is why, in 1945 at Harvard, the first managerial education program called Advanced Management Program (AMP), which is advanced management training, appeared. These programs are targeted at top executives, especially for board members who need to update their knowledge and look for new business contacts. These programs are carried out under open or closed recruitment.

Executive Education

MCZ @ UW offers dedicated AMP and ALP programs for businesses. These programs are tailored to meet the needs of the business and cover selected issues, business and special occasions as well as special activities. Due to the growing interest in leadership, there has been a mutation in the AMP program called ALP, the Advanced Leadership Program. It is more focused on seeking inspiration and developing the leadership skills of top management.


Unlike MBA or AMP programs, ALP training is characterized by a greater diversity of form and content. Among the innovations there are lectures brought by management celebrities, artists, or classes that help to organize children's support from the orphanage to name a few.

Regardless of the name, each of the advanced programs features a deliberate selection of participants as well as invited guests who can boast of many professional successes and therefore can be a repository of knowledge about management. It is also important for the lecturer to become a mentor who is more motivational and conducive to discussion than an ex cathedra presenting his or her opinion. In addition, the organizers of these programs are constantly looking for program innovations and curricular activities to meet changing business needs.

We invite interested parties to come in contact and jointly built tailored program. On request we have references of MCZ @ UW projects for both Polish companies and international corporations.




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