Visit class

A class visit provides you with an excellent opportunity to see for yourself the world-class faculty, the dynamic and collegial learning environment.  Experience the interaction between our current students and our exceptional faculty.

Classes available for visitors:

  • Strategic Management - dr Tomasz Ludwicki, prof. Krzysztof Obłój
date time
7/04/2018 8:30-16:30
8/06/2018 8:30-12:00
27/06/2018 8:30-12:00
28/06/2018 8:30-12:00


We strongly encourage you to experience our unique program first hand and invite you to observe a class and spend time talking to our students, faculty and staff. Please contact us via phone (++48 22) 625-32-83, or e-mail: if you would like to schedule a visit.

ATTENTION! Number of slots per course is limited.

Applicants are allowed to participate in one class only and may only observe the lecture with no right to participate in discussion or recieving handouts.

In order to participate in the class please contact our office at (++48 22) 625-32-83, or e-mail: