The Faculty of Management UW and EMBA@UW win the "triple crown"

The Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw is the first university business school in Poland with the three most important accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

“We consistently follow the changing reality by combining the university tradition and modern methods of business education. We do it every day for the development of science, students and business "
- Professor dr hab. Grzegorz Karasiewicz - Dean of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

The Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw gains "triple crown"!

Only 1% of universities in the world have gained the "triple crown",, which is why WZ UW is in the elite group of international universities that guarantee their students the highest level of education at the same standard.

Obtaining accreditation is a very complex, long-term verification process that requires the university to meet a number of difficult conditions.

The university appraisal committee takes into account:

  • the institution as a whole - not only study programs, but also all activities and units of the university, including research, e-learning units, educational services for management and community outreach. The scope covers all programs offered by the university from the first degree to the doctoral degree,
  • the balance between high academic quality and the reference to professional practice provided by close interactions with the corporate world. Close cooperation with the business world is therefore as required as well as research potential. The Commission attaches particular importance to creating an effective learning environment that fosters the development of managerial and entrepreneurial skills and fosters a sense of global responsibility. He is also looking for innovation in all aspects, including program design and pedagogy,
  • degree of internationalization. As companies recruit employees from all over the world, prospective students choose education outside their own country, and schools build alliances across borders and continents, there is a need to identify those institutions that provide high-quality education in international management.

Benefits for students of WZ UW - faculty with the "Accreditation Crown":

  • an accredited university diploma is recognized globally as a confirmation of the quality and standard of the education received,
  • the possibility of expanding international contacts thanks to the fact that the associations connect students, graduates and employers all over the world,
  • the prospect of cooperation with employers on all continents,
  • the ability to use a rich collection of reports examining the latest global trends,
  • access to a range of exclusive services and benefits, including world-class events and training.

More information on all accreditations can be found at the link:

EMBA @ UW accreditations

“We would like to thank everyone who every day contributes to the fact that the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw can be among the best business educators in the world. We combine the traditional and very demanding principles of university education with modern methods of business education that meet the high standards of accreditation. "

Team for accreditation of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

     AACSB International - Established in 1916, (AACSB) is the world’s largest business education alliance, connecting educators, learners, and business


Association of MBAs (AMBA) - is an international association involved in research in the field of management studies 

    The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) - is an international association of business, public service organizations and consultancy in the field of management development

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