What makes emba@uw special?

Partnership and full commitment

The University of Warsaw enjoys excellent reputations, and every is being  ranked among best universities and MBA programs  in Poland. The University contribute its best faculty and resources to ensure the program continues to be a high-quality, contemporary educational experience.

Right from the start, the Executive MBA Program at The University of Warsaw was conducted in cooperation with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Today, after 20 years, The University of Warsaw decided to take a challenge of introducing its own program, based, however, on best faculty from University of Illinois, University of Florida, University of Cambridge, Central European University, as well as professors graduating from MIT and Harvard Business School.

Our faculty, staff, and students are fully commited to making the the Executive MBA program an excellent learning experience. Both American and Polish professors are focused on providing state-of-the-art business education. The curriculum weaves current theories, practices, and reflections into a collaborative learning environment. Our participants come from a variety of educational backgrounds, professions, and experiences.  However, our students do have one thing in common -- they are a highly motivated group that brings experience and passion to the program.  Our students enrich the program and the program enriches our students.  One of our graduates summed up the program as,  ” The best investment I made in life.”

Strategic Perspective

Today managers face a paradoxical challenge - they need knowledge of the functional areas of business and the talent to weave their knowledge, skills, and abilities into a strategic, holistic, sustainable management perspective. Today's managers need to know "something about everything and everything about something." This dual challenge is reflected in the structure of the program. The Executive MBA@UW program consists of classes divided into functional disciplines that are woven together in a practical capstone course that focuses on a real-life problem in organizational improvement.  


International Experience

The international exposure is a must for every manager today. This is an underling assumption behind our curriculum, faculty and student selection. Our professors come from leading American, European and Asian institutions. We offer two field trips designed to meet expectations and needs of our students – executives from leading Polish and international companies. Students participate in classes hold by leading professors from hosting institutions, visit local companies, meet executives and students and have a chance to learn about local traditions and culture. The first trip takes our students to India where we are hosted by one the top three schools The S.P. Jain Institute of Management in Mumbai. During the second trip we visit Illinois. Each trip last for 9 days (including transportation) and its cost is covered by the tuition. You will have an opportunity to gain first-hand experience and build international network of highly professional executives.

Friendship, Trust and Network

Executive MBA is also about networking. The WIEMBA program is structured around working cooperatively in groups.   Participants learn to work effectively in problem-solving teams.  The teams work together to examine global company practices through the use of case-studies, conduct negotiations with each other, and develop complex consulting projects. As a result, participants learn from one another in a mature way and build long-lasting personal and professional relationships. In addition alumni become members of a family of graduates, numbering more than 900, creating the largest professional network in Poland.