About MBA

Origins of the MBA

The study of Business at the graduate level has long been part of the academic offerings in universities. The oldest Business School in the United States is at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire which was founded in 1900.  The Graduate School of Business at Harvard University opened in 1908, and the College of Business at the University of Illinois in 1915.  The purpose of these early programs was to provide management training for individuals with traditional, non-business undergraduate degrees.

The first MBA programs in Europe were started in the early 1960s in the United Kingdom.  The focus of many of the European programs was different to those of the US programs. Today, the MBA degree from a United States university remains the benchmark by which all other MBA degrees are measured.  MBA programs at US universities top the rankings when compared to universities worldwide. 

What is an MBA?

A Master of Business Administration Degree is a professional-level graduate degree.  MBA programs are designed to help participants develop an understanding of the major functional areas of business as well as teaching the modern decision-making tools available to 21st century managers. Part of the value of our Executive MBA degree comes from the synergy between academic study when combined with practical exercises, projects, and internships that afford multiple opportunities and venues in which to develop new skills. Equally important is the value that comes from the opportunity to meet and intensively interact with executives from other businesses, both in one's own industry as well as different industries and varying academic backgrounds. 

Some programs claim to offer a degree but are actually awarding a non-degree certificate.  The prospective MBA student should carefully examine all program materials to insure they are completely informed about the degree awarded upon completion of their program.

Association of MBAs (AMBA) - is an international association involved in research in the field of management studies. The institution recognizes international accreditations for university programs leading Master of Business Administration.

MCZ UW is accredited by AMBA since 2007.


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