Academic faculty

Program courses are provided by internationally renowned lecturers from University of Warsaw, University of Illinois, University of Florida, Central European University, University of Cambridge and other leading universities:

Prof. Annela Anger-Kraavi - University of Cambridge

Specialization: applied macroeconomics, political economy, modelling macroeconomic, green growth, science-industry-policy interactions.

Works regularly on projects commissioned by the European Commission, UN bodies, NGOs and various country governments



Prof. Boris Lezhava - Caucasus University

Specialization: Management & Marketing, Marketing, Service Marketing

Education: Caucasus School of Business, Caucasus University in Partnership with Georgia State University

Vice President of Research and Strategic Development, Caucasus University.
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Georgian GEM National Team Leader.
Professor at: Caucasus University,  Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School, Grenoble Graduate School of Business.
Founder and Managing Director in medical devices distribution company.


Prof. Prem Chandrani - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research

Specialization: international business, corporate strategy and finance

Executive MBA program director at SP Jain Institute of Management & Research.
Over thirty years of international business experience. Held senior positions in the areas of strategy, finance, general management and business consulting across a number of organizations in USA, Canada, Japan, UAE and India. He cooperated with many companies from Australia, Canada, India, Japan, the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Chief Strategy Officer at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.
Member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India and the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants, UK


Dr Adam Chmielewski - University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management.

Specialization: management and accounting

Experienced consultant and trainer cooperating with many training and consulting companies. His training activities are interwoven with practical experience. For several years he was advisor in the accounting department of one of the biggest Polish banks and acted as the Financial Director in a private company.


Prof. Susan I. Cohen - University of Warsaw.

Specialist in production and decision and information sciences, quantitative analysis and the economics of decision making.


Prof. Philippe DeBrouwer

Specialization: finance and accounting

He has many years of managerial experience in financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Fortis Investments, KBC Asset Management. Former President of WARTA TFI SA, WARTA Asset Management S.A. and KBC TFI S.A. and RBS Group.
Author of many financial publications.



Prof. Hadi S. Esfahani- University of Illinois.

Specialist  in development economics, international economics, the role of institutions in formation of fiscal, trade and regulatory policy.

Professor of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Director of the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Illinois and the Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. Member of Board of Trustees of the Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran & Turkey and a founder and Board member of the International Iranian Economic Association. In the past, he has served as the Executive Secretary and the President of Middle East Economic Association s. He has also worked for the World Bank as a policy research economist and as a consultant.


Dr. Mieczyslaw Grudziński – Adjunct Professor of Business at University of Illinois, Kozminski University.

Specialist in the field of finance and capital markets. Active consultant.

Lecturer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Kozminski University, University of Lodz. Member of the company's governing bodies, banks and international corporations. Author of the first public share offers (including Wólczanka and Wedel) realized on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
An active advisor and consultant.



Dr Grzegorz Król - University of Warsaw, School of Management.

Specialization: psychology, quantitative data analyzis

Director at a British public health agency, Knowledge•Action•Change. Between 2012 and 2018 lecturer at the School of Management, University of Warsaw. Social psychologist, data scientist, author of publications on data analysis, psychology and harm reduction. Developer of data-centric IT solutions for e-learning, event management, data acquisition and presentation. Since 2003 he manages international projects in the area of public health and drugs and tobacco harm reduction.



Dr. Tomasz Ludwicki - University of Warsaw, School of Management.

Specialist in Process Management and Strategic Management.

Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sweedish School of Economics (Helsinki), Lund University (Szewcja) Hochschule fur Philosophie (Munich). 
Advisor in such companies as: atmedia, CP DDB, TU Generali, Lot Catering, TNS OBOP, PWPW.


Elżbieta Makowska

Specialization: strategic HR management

HR consultant, trainer, trainer and mentor cooperating with company and private representatives. She has many years of experience in corporate work and work with Polish companies.
As an HR consultant, temporary manager she implemented various strategic, recruitment, development and training projects. He conducts evaluation and consultancy in companies, teams, changes, organizations (strategic and operational), projects, cooperation with managers, HRBP, coaching and mentoring.
Has among others ACC coach accreditation, ICF (International Coaching Federation), CPCC, TCI.

Prof. John McCombie - University of Cambridge

Specialization: macroeconomics, finance and monetary policy, economic growth

A long-term lecturer at the University of Cambridge. Professor of Regional and Applied Economics (Department of Land Economy), in the Department of Land Management and at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Director of the Cambridge Center for Economic and Public Policy.



Prof. Alojzy Nowak - University of Warsaw. Dean of the School of Business.

Specialization: economics, macroeconomics, international economic relations, banking, risk management

Lecturer at the University of Warsaw, University of Illinois, Kozminski University
Chairman of the NBP Scientific Council.
Winner of many awards and distinctions both in the country and abroad.


Prof. Patrick O'Sullivan - Grenoble Ecole de Management

Specialist in business ethics, critical scientific methodology, political economy of the European Union, managerial economics

Visiting Professor at many universities around the world including Cambridge University, Frankfurt University, Donau Universität Krems (Austria), Aalto University (Finland), Université de Genève (Switzerland), Lagos Business School (Nigeria), Webster University (Thailand).


Prof. Krzysztof Obłój - University of Warsaw, School of Management.

Specialist in strategic and international management

Visiting Professor at many universities around the world (Bodo Graduate School of Management in Norway, ESCP-EAP in Paris, IEDC Bled School of Management and Henley-on-Thames Management College in Great Britain, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, CCSU, Duquesne University , Yale University, Tel Aviv University, Copenhagan Business School, Sun Yat-sen University in China.
Member of many supervisory boards of the largest companies in Poland.
Former president of the European International Business Association, a member of the Strategic Management Society, a member of the American International Business Academy.
Published dozens of scientific articles in Polish and foreign magazines.


Prof. Nicholas Petruzzi - Penn State University.

Specialization: pricing models in operations management, stochastic inventory theory, the operations/marketing interface, and supply chain coordination.


Dr. Agnieszka Postuła - University of Warsaw, School of Management.

Specialization: teambuilding, interpersonal communication, negotiations.

Deals with the anthropology of the organization and conducts field research on communication and socio-professional roles in Polish companies, mainly related to the computer industry.


Prof. Ewelina D.Sage – University of Warsaw, School of Management

Specialist in telecommunication and media law

The long-term editor of Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies.
An active consultant in a law firm, expert in telecommunications law and the media.


Dr. Joseph Santora - École des Ponts Business School.

Specialist in leadership, change management, executive succession, organizational behavior, and nonprofit organizations

Education: Ph.D. at Fordham University (USA), postdoctoral studies (Harvard and Princeton).

Lecturer at many universities including Monash University (Australia), Paris School of International Management, Grenoble Ecole de Management and others.

Author of many publications in the field of management, which appeared, among others in: Academy of Management Perspectives, Career Development International, Development & Learning in Organizations, Journal of Organization & Leadership Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Management Development


Prof. Jeffrey Schmidt - University of Oklahoma

Specialization: Managerial decision-making during new product development; the new product development process; new product performance; rapid prototyping; adaptation of products for international markets; marketing strategy


Prof. Jovana Stanisljevic - Grenoble Ecole de Management

Specialization: international business, cross-cultural communication

Former member of the cabinet of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Director of the Cabinet in the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade, former Marketing Director at the Bank of Serbia.
A long-time lecturer at the Grenoble Ecole de Management in France.



Prof.  Adam Tatarynowicz - Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Specialization: Interorganizational Networks, Technology and Innovation, Complex Systems Theory and Methods

Education: University of St. Gallen, Ph.D.



Prof. Jan Turyna - University of Warsaw, School of Management

Specialization: managerial accounting, financial accounting

Education: University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Management

Lecturer at the University of Warsaw, Vistula University, Lazarski University and others.
Former Dean of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. Head of the Department of Finance and Accountancy at the University of Warsaw, previously head of the Accounting Department.
Experience in managerial positions in one of the government agencies, member of scientific societies.


Prof. Grażyna Wieczorkowska-Wierzbińska - University of Warsaw, School of Management

Specialization: psychology, statistics, intercultural and cognitive comparisons

Education: University of Warsaw

A psychologist, professor of humanities, a long-term researcher at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, currently Head of the Department of Psychology and Sociology of Management at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw.
Former director of the Institute for Social Studies of the University of Warsaw and the Center for Open and Multimedia Education of the University of Warsaw.



Aneta Wilk-Łyś

Specialization: financial and managerial accounting

A long-term lecturer, in the field of audit and accounting as well as preparatory courses for ACCA, CIMA and CIA exams. Works, among others, with the World Bank, former financial director, manager in consulting companies (PwC)

The following lecturers made a significant contribution to the success of past editions of the program:

Prof. Robert Rządca - Koźmiński University. Specialization: negotiations.

Prof. Richard Arnould - University of Illinois. Specialization: health economics, economic analysis of antitrust, and microeconomic theory. (more...)

Prof. Maureen Berry – Emeritus Professor of Accounting, University of Illinois. Specialist in Financial Accounting.

Dr. Anna Bielecka - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in Statistics, Calculus of Probability and Operations Research.

Prof. Witold Bielecki - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in Quantitative Methods, Computer-aided Decision Making Systems. Visiting Professor at the Central Connecticut State University and University of Illinois.

Prof. Dilip Chhajed - University of Illinois. Specialization: decision problems in operations management and operations/marketing interface including logistics, scheduling, and product/process design. (more...)

Dr. Piotr Chmielewski - Warsaw University, School of Philosophy and Sociology. Director of Polish Research Group for Crisis Management. Specialist in Sociology and Crisis Management. Visiting Professor at American and European universities.

Prof. Mieczyslaw Dobija - Economic Academy in Cracow. Specialist in Managerial Accounting. Annual fellowship at University of Illinois.

Prof. Grzegorz Domański - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in commercial laws, legal aspects of privatization, securities law.

Prof. Joseph Finnerty - University of Illinois. Specialist in Finance. (more...)

Prof. James Gentry – Distinguished Professor of Finance, University of Illinois. Specialist in Finance. (more...)

Prof. Peter Holzer – Emeritus Professor of Management Accounting. University of Illinois and Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien. Specialist in Managerial Accounting.

Prof. Grzegorz Karasiewicz - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in Marketing, International Marketing, Pricing and Distribution Systems.

Prof. Christopher Kobrak - ESCP-EAP Paris. Specialist in international business, corporate governance, German economic history, financial management of high-tech businesses

Dr. Robert Kozielski - University of Lódz and Centrum Prywatyzacji. Head of the Chartered Institute of Marekting Programs Foundation. Specialist in Marekting.

Prof. Andrzej K. Kozminski - Rector of the Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw. Specialist in Organization Theory and Management and in International Management. Professor Kozminski has lectured at a number of European and American universities.

Dr. Ewa Krakowinska - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in Microeconomics.

Dr. Stanisław Piątek - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in commercial law and media law.

Prof. Stefan Kwiatkowski - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in Scientific Policy, Research and Development, Management and Entrepreneurship. Highly valued international specialist and lecturer at a number of American universities.

Dariusz Mazurek, MBA - department manager at IBM. Specialist in Operations Management.

Prof. Witold Morawski - Warsaw University, School of Philosophy and Sociology. Specialist in Sociology. Visiting Professor at American, Canadian, English and Japanese universities.

Dr. Wieslaw Opalski - Warsaw University, Department of Law and Administration. Specialist in Civil and Commercial Law, International Contracting and Securities.

Dr. Wlodzimierz Piotrowski - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in Organizational Behavior and Organizational Theory. Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois and Seton Hall University, USA.

Prof. Fred Giertz - University of Illinois. Specialist in public finance and micro economics, public choice and regional economic development (more...)

Dr. Andrzej Rutkowski - Warsaw University, School of Management. Specialist in Finance. Fellowship at the University of Illinois.

Prof. Wlodzimierz Siwinski, Former rector of the Warsaw University. Specialist in Macroeconomics.

Prof. Mieczyslaw Socha - Warsaw University, Department of Economics. Specialist in Macroeconomics and Labor Markets. Visiting professor at many international universities.

Prof. Theodore Sougiannis - University of Illinois. Specialist in Financial Accounting. Research focuses on the use of accounting numbers in stock market valuations, the choice of financial accounting rules, and accounting regulation. (more...)

Prof. Alec Wersun - UK Academy of International Business. Specialization: strategy and strategic management in an international context.

Dr Kristof Zorde - BDO Polska. Active consultant and auditor. Specialization: managerial accounting.

Prof. Tomasz Żylicz, Warsaw University, Department of Economics. Vice-dean for Research. Specialist in Microeconomics, Environmental and Resource Economics. Fulbright Visiting Fellow at the University of Colorado-Boulder.