Unique EMBA@UW classrooms

Particularly noteworthy are the EMBA rooms used by the students of our program. Students have at their disposal spacious rooms fully prepared for hybrid learning and equipped with modern audiovisual equipment.

During classes, lecturers and students use several monitors, smart cameras and a microphone system that provide people participating in online studies with comfortable participation in lectures and exercises.

Thanks to the special adaptation of the equipment to the application of online connections, giving presentations and showing materials is at the highest level, which allows you to take full advantage of the currently popular hybrid work, with the full possibility of participating in classes in the room. The voice, picked up by modern microphones placed in strategic points in the rooms, and the image from the cameras, easily reach both students participating in classes in person and those connected remotely.

Both groups of students also communicate without any interference with each other, which guarantees 100% participation in classes even if, for some reason, coming to classes is impossible on a given day.

Modern furniture is equipped with under-desk sockets, thanks to which each person has their own power source, which improves the comfort of participation in classes.



photos: Tadeusz Myśluk