The Executive MBA Program@UW, which you probably consider applying for, is an amazing, exciting and challenging journey through business knowledge. It is an adventure which significantly and permanently changes its participants. During the program you receive a great opportunity to work with outstanding teaching staff and in an exceptional group of students. As a result, not only you acquire valuable skills, fantastic friendships and immense satisfaction, but – what is also important – you get accustomed to further, continuous self-development and you gain an unmatched access to networking opportunities. In order to satisfy the graduates’ high expectations in this area, the Executive MBA Alumni Association “Nowy Świat” has been established. Its activities are addressed primarily at all the graduates of the EMBA Program, beginning with Cohort I which started in 1992 and including every new Cohort completing the program. However, the association attracts also a wide group of experts in business management and many other partners who cooperate and support our goals willingly.

The main elements of the association’s life are as follows:

  • Seminars, lectures and workshops with experts
  • Meetings with interesting individuals
  • Club meetings
  • WWW and e-mailing system
  • Cooperation with partners, i.e. with recruiting and executive search agencies or media
  • Cooperation with alumni association of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and with Executive MBA programs available in Poland
  • Sport
  • Flexibility and openness for ideas of graduates and their participation in life of the Association
  • Personalized Member’s Card offering many privileges and benefits ensuing from membership in the association and from cooperation with its partners

Owing to the tailor-made organization, the association becomes an extension of the Executive MBA Program, continuously delivering to the graduates the updates on modern knowledge and strengthening networking contacts across all Cohorts completed the program and beyond. Additionally, the unique character and wide range of activities of the association, significantly add value to the program, from which all graduates take advantage for many years in their day-to-day professional as well as personal lives.