Meeting with General Gromosław Czempiński

On Thursday, 23th of May 2013, the Executive MBA program graduates  had the opportunity to meet General Gromosław Czempiński, the former head of UOP, who spoke about early days of his career, business in the country and abroad, and the verification process within the change of the political system in Poland. He lifted the curtain on formation of GROM’s branches and participation in the well-known action in Iraq, which was the inspiration for the creators of the film "Operation Samoon".

During a lively discussion, General said that alcohol was and still is one of the most important weapons in the reconnaissance.  To the question about possibility of adapting  some  of the methods and techniques from reconnaissance education in business, he has emphasized logical thinking, analytical workshop, protection of information sources and ability to assess quickly the strengths and weaknesses of an enemy. For many years, General Czempiński had been a president of the Aero Club, both of Warsaw and Polish, so he faced  a lot of questions posed about his great passion for flying and  about the cause of the air crash near Smolensk.

Interesting topics were raised during the evaluation of the current political and economic situation in the country. In General’s opinion, the most important and crucial information is not needed to be searched in through a long and difficult way anymore, because  nowadays all information is reported by public officials in media.

At the end, General pointed out that patriotism and professionalism were values ??which have always accompanied him during education and later in professional career. Thanks to them, he was able to achieve success.

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