Meeting with Jan Krzysztof Bielecki: "Understanding business from the perspective of a former truck driver."

On the 3rd April 2013, at the premises of The UW Faculty of Management, Mr.  Jan Krzysztof Bielecki,  a Polish Prime Minister in 1991, politician, economist, a former CEO of Bank Pekao SA,  and a member of  the Economic Council of the Prime Minister of Poland, made a special guest of the Alumni  Association meeting.  Our guest shared many stories  concerning  different aspects, from the principles of effective leadership and running his own business, through risk management, to the economic situation in Poland and in the World.

Among many remarks to remember, it is crucial to pay attention to our guest’s note about failures and setbacks as a cornerstone for future success. According to Mr. Bielecki, it provides an excellent opportunity to learn, it develops resistance and resilience, which are the first essential characteristics of an entrepreneur. As a second, our guest listed ability to see market opportunities, as well as to find and develop niches (Blue Ocean). Mr. Bielecki has also assured that they are interrelated and often flow from one another: a new activity with failures, and failures with new ideas, which did not hit in their time. Quoting the statistics: only 2 out of 100 successe people can boast of an ongoing bull market life.  Life and fortune our guest has shown that these are not just empty words.

After a very interesting lecture, there was also a place for equally interesting answers to difficult questions concerning the financial sector, the financial policy of the European Union and the economic forecast for Poland. Humorous, informative story about saving buried trucks from a bog was the most memorable theme of the meeting in terms of building authority, delegating responsibility and decentralization in crisis management.

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