Agnieszka Mielech, Marketing Director, Retail & Digital Galapagos Ltd. and writer, Graduate of the XXIII Edition

For many years I have been associated with the entertainment and media market as well as global entertainment companies and local producers.

The way we consume entertainment has changed significantly over the past decades, mainly due to the digitization and unlimited access to content that the internet offers today. Traditional businesses operating on the entertainment market are currently looking for their chances, and managers expect flexibility and competence development not only in the use of traditional tools, but also the ability to build new visions in response to changing market conditions and consumer expectations. From this perspective, gaining new experiences and constantly expanding competences is crucial for every manager, not only the ones acting on a competitive market. Continuous education also provides enormous personal benefits.

I evaluate my participation in the Executive MBA in two categories - my own personal development and benefits for the organization with which I am associated.
The way the Executive MBA program is designed has enabled me to repete and systematize the theory in several areas. Meetings with excellent Professors and extremely interesting personalities of the Polish university scene allowed me to broaden my horizons. Compliments to the entire cast of the XXIII Edition. Interesting readings gave the chance to confront the current trends in management and business. Discussions with mentors and colleagues triggered creativity and energy.

The Executive MBA has also proved to be a great challenge to manage professional and personal life.

It was worth it.