Dominik Zawadzki - former Marketing Director, Sanitec Koło, Graduate of XVIII Edition

Executive MBA is a much different experience from traditional studies.

First of all classes are held in a rather small group of students of whom all are experienced managers. Secondly the course material is much condensed into key areas that are helpful in everyday work on managerial positions. Therefore MBA students receive only the most necessary substance of information about how the company and its outside environment function. And all this is given by very good Polish and American professors with support of excellent books, case studies and practical exercises. Final consulting project is also an excellent experience. On one hand side it is always good to learn how those kind of papers should be prepared in professional way. On the other it is valuable occasion to compare own opinions and working methods with colleagues from other industries and with various professional backgrounds. Even though the amount of work especially in 2nd semester was huge we all had a lot fun to work and learn together.