Ewa Dudzic, Co-founder, Vice President Phenicoptere sp. z o.o., Graduate of the XXIV Edition

Being an entrepreneur has one main disadvantage - you have no one you can learn from. I have been always thinking that any entrepreneur has to look for opportunities to increase their own knowledge. This is why I got interested in Executive MBA studies and finally I found myself at Nowy Świat.

It is intense but very interesting and educating. I am a graduate from Management and Marketing at Warsaw University and at the beginning I was not convinced if I find much more knowledge here than I had before. But I did a lot. Even if most of subjects were the same, the way they were run was completely different. At MBA studies Professors showed very practical approach. We were working on cases most of the time. Cases that everyone can find in a real life, during their managerial carrier.

Huge value to this program are excellent professors. Most of them coming from abroad, bringing international point of view and different educating practices. It was great experience to learn from them, get to know them and also spend some free afternoon talking with them, not only about school.

Unforgettable experience was a trip to India where we spent one week studying at local University and visiting Indian businesses. It was great to get to know about this fast-developing country from the best professors and business practicians.

The last but not least, the people. My group was made of smart, experience and just amazing people. I could learn from them so much not only by studying with them but also discussing our everyday professional challenges. When I had some issue with HR or finances or whatever, I could always find someone from my group who was eager to share his experience with me and advise me. We made close friendships that will last for years, with no doubts. We even have an idea for a new business together. ;)