Jan Pastwa, General Counsellor, Legal Department, National Atomic Energy Agency, Graduate of the XXIV Edition

Education in a group in which not only different professions and business perspectives are represented, but also (and perhaps most importantly) business and public sectors forces you to leave your own comfort zone, collide with the unknown and gives you the unique opportunity to learn about different approaches and aspects of the level " executive ", as well as the understanding of" other worlds ", and as a result the chance of increasing results and the synergy that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

Intelligent mixing of participants and their formation into small groups allows to renew the skills of cooperation, managing yourself and others, taking personal responsibility and - depending on the need - leadership or the realization of someone's ideas. Working in such groups builds new competences.

The possibility of using the knowledge of the best Polish and foreign lecturers and the ways of conducting the classes, far removed from the business and academic routine, illuminates the darkness, brings out concretes from the shadows and encourages to reach for more. The program - although "business oriented" - is not only hermetically addressed to people from the private sector. Using case studies - preparation for which gives the same or more than volumes of reading, and they themselves respond graciously to the effort put in - the more you put in, the more you discover.

The EMBA UW Program allows everyone to review, renew, recover, supplement and organize the previously gained fragments of knowledge. Unlike other programs, the EMBA at UW is not chasing fashionable brands, which are produced by training companies every year, but it is deconstructing them, extracting really important issues and ordering fashion and trends in blocks of specific knowledge.

Subsequent, logically arranged tasks, "cases", games and projects allow practical practice of various techniques - which in the future, even if it will only be outsourced and accountable to subordinates or contractors - gives an "insider" sense that we know what is going on, "what it is", and how much effort actually costs a valuable result.

Thoughtful and exemplary study tours beyond the conventional standard open up the eyes, broaden horizons and create unique occasions for - otherwise difficult to reach - meetings.
At the same time, "executive" really means "executive" here - the level of difficulty, complexity and uncertainty of the presented considerations is high. There are no simple and unambiguous solutions.

Obtained grades - both those official, acquired in the course of studies, as well as informal ones, expressed "peer-to-peer", directly and indirectly, drive to the right track and motivate to work on oneself. If you add to that thoughtful and engaging activities that support self-management and management of your development, then the "instrumentation of individual development" is complete.

However, the development is not complete if you only bring it to work and study. A brilliant environment of participants and graduates of the Executive MBA which you meet also in your spare time allows you to discover fascinating people, expand your network of contacts and cooperation and build yourself again.