Mariusz Filipiak - ESSA HQ Business Planning Lead, PepsiCo, Graduate of XXV Edition

At a certain stage of your professional life you may wonder what the next step is. I delayed my decision about starting Executive MBA studies several times and there were always perfect excuses behind it. As most of my co-students I examined offers from different universities and compared programs. Finally, I decided to apply to Warsaw University, since the program was intensive, and schedule of classes was the most condensed – that’s what I was looking for. Honestly, there is never perfect moment in life to begin MBA studies. Once you start it and become a part of newly created cohort which immediately needs to co-work intensively on creative problems solving, you will become fully committed to it.

As an experienced financial manager, I was eager to challenge my current thoughts and professional experiences with knowledge of my co-students, who come from different industries. The diversification of cohort’s experiences accompanied by tutors’ broad knowledge and their facilitation skills created great opportunity for open and lively group discussions. Often that brought us to unpredictable, optimal and unobvious conclusions. Building new professional and private relationship is natural part of studies. You have easy access to academic professors, co-students or students from different cohorts, who are experts in different business areas. That gives unusual opportunity to discuss business related topics or issues from different perspectives. Moreover, as graduate you became more aware of possibilities of avoiding and solving complex business problems.

The most critical lectures for my personal growth and development outside of financial area, I found the following: Operational and Strategic Management, Negotiations in Business, Leadership and Networking Strategies. I appreciate that most of the lectures were based on real business cases. I found them beneficial for both my current professional work and future entrepreneurial projects. Thanks to time spent on studying I understood that nowadays leaders need to be even more resilient and agile than before.

EMBA studies was challenging but strongly developmental journey. It pushed me for further personal growth and encourage to excel my entrepreneurial skills thanks to partnership which I was lucky to find here. It is an enjoyable educational experience which I believe is only the beginning of the next chapter of professional life. Let’s keep the momentum.