Władysław Podraza, Owner & General Manager at AGROPOLE, Graduate of XXV Edition

In that point of my career I had known that I needed a change. A deep breath of fresh air. To perform smart change we need relevant opportunity for ourselves, and to create such opportunity we need inspiration driven by new experience. I had known what I was missing  and I found it all (and even much more) on Executive MBA at University of Warsaw.

Learning program was very strongly oriented on financial and economy subjects. That helped me to gain and develop knowledge and practical skills from disciplines like accounting, corporate management and other finance and economy  related subjects. Deep insight into numbers like data and quantitative analysis  was one of the main reason why I had chosen studies at UW Management Faculty. I was fully satisfied of professors’ mastery and professional learning materials. I received big package of knowledge that I can further explore also after graduation time.

Another big benefit of choosing Executive MBA at University of Warsaw are people. I met here professionals from various industries from whom I could have learnt a lot. I like challenges and working together with these people was a real intellectual pleasure. That was very important experience, thanks to the networking and  my new colleagues  I could take much wider view on my life and career.  I developed here also some of my business ideas, and thanks to my classmates opinions, insights and advices, I submitted these ideas to real hard intellectual stress tests.

Moreover, I met here potential business partners and new friends, what I can say is… priceless.