Marek Wiśniewski – Managing Director, Member of the Board, Polchar Ltd., Graduate of the XIX Cohort

Motivation, enthusiasm, commitment, hard work, inspiration, success, joy and satisfaction – these are the most important feelings that accompanied my Executive MBA studies. What are the distinctive elements of the Program, constituting its competitive advantage?

Achieving, deepening and systemizing theoretical knowledge, obviously, constituted  key elements of the studies, but they were barely their small part. Exploring the knowledge and fostering an attitude to put it into practice were definitely the most important features of the Program. Moreover, a true, not declarative, executive aspect made also its value.
Outstanding professors, unquestionable authorities from Polish and American universities, were our lecturers and mentors, non-compromising as far as the knowledge and abilities are concerned. They were the experts, and, at the same time, partners or even friends - during and after classes.

A carefully selected, solely in English, program of the studies, with emphasis on its applicableness, embraced all important aspects of management through a wide cafeteria of didactical methods: from lectures, work-shops, discussions, through cases, strategic games and simulations, individual and team work, and exciting trip to US, to a professional, consulting project.
These studies integrate the group right from the beginning, creating possibility to share views and experience among different business practitioners, discussing how to design the future. The studies do not only represent  the best meaning of the “Executive MBA”, do  not only offer  a chance to learn and work within the group of managers with great, professional experience, but they are also a continuous coaching project, where outstanding professors make the couches – with great knowledge and experience, with orientation to help, assist, inspire, and motivate to solve complicated business problems, which we all have to face today in the World of incredible challenges and dynamic transformations.

The Executive MBA is an effective way of studying, stimulating initiative, creativity and the courage to act.  Its measurable, professional benefits, as well as success were meaningful to me, not only after graduation, but also during the studies. If you are considering to undertake them, do not hesitate and let yourself be snatched by the challenge. Join the adventure!