Zdzisław Ingielewicz – former CEO, Zakłady Chemiczne Dwory S.A. Oświęcim Graduate of IX Edition

I am an engineer, with an extensive practical experience and a lot of professional training. I decided to start an Executive MBA at the University of Warsaw in 2000 (as an oldest student in the group!) in order to supplement and tie together my practical experience and training with new concepts and systemic knowledge offered at the program. I decided on this particular program because of very high reputation of University of Warsaw and University of Illinois, and personal reputation of Prof. Krzysztof Obłój as distinguished academic and practitioner of management. I must say that my expectations were met, but it was not stressless experience. I got through the program successfully, learnt a lot of new things, and met new people. I must say that from the perspective of a bit older participants I was watching with pleasure how from a group of individualists with different backgrounds (engineers, physicians, psychologists, economists, linguists etc.) we became a cohesive group of participants that understood each other and had common goals. Our language changed over time, and our discussions dealt with new topics. Initial criticism toward lecturers changed over time into admiration of their skills and knowledge, maybe not in all cases but that is life. I had the best notes that I ever made in my life from lectures of Prof. Larry DeBrock in the field of microeconomics. His hand made transparencies and clarity of presentation were truly an example how one should communicate. Prof. K. Obłój class in strategy showed us how in the situations of lack or redundancy of information instead of getting lost draw smart conclusions about right courses of action. Dr W. Piotrowski made a real show of his class in organizational behavior. These and other experiences allow me not to regret all the time that I devoted in this program and make me proud that I am one of the alumni. And on a lighter note I also proved to my kids that study at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) that in the internal family competition their father can still make it!